Igiari! - A Gyakuten Saiban General Smut Community.

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Igiari! - A Gyakuten Saiban General Smut Community
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IGIARI! is a happy little LJ community set up by and for the Gyakuten Saiban, or Phoenix Wright smutlovers. Being as this is a general smut community, and not a specific one, PLEASE try to keep an open mind. If you see a pairing you dislike, don't feel the need to post something rude. One person's smutpairing might not be another's cup of pie, but everything is welcomed here.

Most anything smut-related is welcome here- that includes, but should not be limited to, fanfiction, fanart, icons, poems, songs, naughty thoughts, plot bunnies, etc. We are here to SHARE our love! XD

Rules are fairly simple:
- If you don't think you should be posting it- don't.
- If it's more hardcore than PG-13, cut it. We're a general community, who KNOWS what younguns might stumble upon us! :O!
- BE POLITE! One wouldn't think this is difficult, but we are all human. And on that note...
- Be respectful of people's tastes. If somebody asks for some delicious EdgeworthxVon Karma fanfiction, don't start flaming their post just because you don't happen to agree.

If it's Phoenix Wright, and it's smut-related in any way, shape, or form, you've come to the right place! :D

EDIT: okay, I've been using 'slash', but I want to make this clear: it's a board for ALL Phoenix Wright pr0n, not JUST the mxm/fxf stuff! We need our smut, dammit! XD

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